Take me away

I’ve uttered, written and dreamt these words. Take me away. From here. This place. This life.

This morning I saw the car.  The car that is the antithesis of everything I love about cars. It is rugged. Its made of riveted aluminum. It is un-classy, uncomfortable and unalike anything I’ve ever been drawn to before. It is uncharacteristically me. Its so wildly different to my life, its the exact car that represents everything that I want when I say “take me away”.

The car that is designed to traverse soils, sands and swamps. It is for mud-loving, adventure-seeking, African-continent-crossing type people.
Not me. It is not for me, and it was never meant for me**.
But yet, when I see this car, it makes me wish my three little words. Take me away.

I guess I’m a runner (we’ve established I’m not so hot at that in reality, so I’m definitely talking metaphorically here). When things have got exceedingly tough, and they really have with work, family, friends, that whole baby thing, sometimes all I want is to be taken away. Sometime in the past year (or is it two now? I lose track) – and possibly related to, while not confirmed, a new fascination with visiting the bush (fascination/obsession – same,same), the Defender became the symbol. The adventure it represents, far outweighs the place I’m currently in. And so when I see one, I think.. just a little bit. Just for a moment. But just take me away.

So wasn’t it ironic (ala Alanis Morisette, which was more unfortunate that ironic… This was actually ironic), that this morning’s sighting of the car, had the number plate ‘GOT AWAY’. (I am not making this shit up).

Lucky bastard. Lucky lucky bastard.

The retrolux filter is because.. well because. Also, you’ll just have to believe me when I say the number plate said “GOT AWAY”. You try taking a photo while driving.

Except, he didn’t get away. He was right here. Stuck in traffic like the rest of us.


I guess running, or wishing to be taken away, by a car, a person, a life, an adventure I don’t know anything about just for a change from my current place and life – isn’t going to get me anywhere. It’ll land up all the same.

Right here. In traffic.

**The Defender is, however, made by Jaguar. (Or I should say it was, as it was discontinued in June.)  But Jaguar also make the F-type, and that is very me.  And anyone can take me away in that any day. Or I’ll take myself away. Except that totally defeats the point of this post. And we’ll probably get stuck in suburban traffic in that too. But the point has been missed if we start fantasizing about this car. Read from the top again.

I'll take myself away in this.
I’ll take myself away in this.