Its all about Charly

Its just 3 days short of the big day, and while I’m tempted to blog about my feelings and thoughts as I reach the big age that I’ve been absolutely terrified of (for choice of easy going words), but I thought I’d save that for another post. Today its all about Charly. Well actually, its all about Jacqui, Daniella and Alex (and Roche) from Charly’s Bakery that made my dream cake come to life!

I know, announcing I had a ‘dream cake’ seems slightly OTT, but you have to understand. Shortly after I moved to Cape Town a year ago and discovered my good companion twitter, I discovered Charlys Bakery. I paid a visit and indulged in a ridiculously large orange frosted cupcake and became an avid fan of their beautiful work both on cakes, and for charities. I eyed out their cakes as they uploaded photos and longed (in a non-desperate… ok, maybe slightly desperate way) for a day I’d have an excuse to spoil my guests (and myself!) with one of their cakes. Ofcourse, being married – that day wasn’t looking likely. Until I decided to make a song and dance about my 30th.

Enter these fab ladies! Back and forth on email I had no idea what I wanted, just that I wanted a champagne themed cake with all the class a 30 year old should have. When Alex took charge and announced she was going to surprise me, I was absolutely thrilled! Sometimes, you just need someone else to take over the reins. She did that, and the result was perfect.

Champagne 30 as I’ve aptly named it, not only looked stunning, it tasted amazing. I even overheard a non-cake eater proclaim (funnily enough) ‘I don’t eat cake, but this is amazing!!’.

I believe that’s a job well done for the team that creates ‘ Mucking Afazing Cakes!’

I have to admit, the cake was a feature of my day. I kept it on display all through lunch, and encouraged a lot of oohing and aahing from everyone. I’m positive that I had a few hanger-onners just so that they could have a slice.

Thanks to Charly’s Bakery for being amazing! They’re awesome ladies who are doing what they do so so well! I can’t wait to turn 29 (yes, I’m just going to count backwards from now) to maybe have another cake.

Charlys Bakery 30th Cake
Champagne 30