London is…

Cold. And wet. And dark. And pretty miserable, smelly, noisy and busy. Really busy.

London is also spontaneous. And it’s home (at least in a way).

You can call something home when you’ve lived there for 6 and a half years.
But thats not why I do.

They say home is wherever your loved ones are (they!). Well, I have two lifelong friends that are in London, and in one spontaneous evening of a wine bar and curry, those two precious friends made me long to call London home again.

Its only the lifelong friends that can truly arrive at a wine bar in a down duvet with sleeves (and call it a jacket) and then invite themselves along to your dinner for two (and you honestly don’t mind if they do!). They can make you laugh, they can reprimand you, roll their eyes at you, take your shit, treat you like a sister and give you the tightest hug when they say goodbye that makes you want to cancel your flight. Even the flight that takes you back to the sunshine.

London may be pretty kak on the surface to some, but its also pretty damn special.

Kim Hawkins_friends
oh you know… just friends for 30 years.

Ps. Wine Bar amazing! Ok, so we spent about R500 on a bottle of wine, but by this point we’d stopped converting. Well, one of us had. And it was a Nebiola. Which is my favourite. Excuses excuses.

Pps. if you look really closely at the dress I’m wearing you’ll notice that it is not, in fact, Christmas trees, but instead, it is panthers. They sorta look like Tyrannosaurus’ too though. Not awkward at all.