Lyrics to my life


I’ve included the why’s and also some other comments because I hated this blog post so empty and without meaning.


There have been a lot of lyrics this year. Being into lyrics isn’t a new thing – a love for the lyrics of Killer Cars by Radiohead in std 9 probably kicked it off, but tweeting about it – that was. But then I stopped that because that shit got annoying and I tried to slowly put them all down here instead.

So, my life in lyrics – such a dramatic title for what really is just a bunch of lyrics that are either cool, mean something, or that I just had an ‘oh! thats what they said’ moment.

I love you when you’re singing that song and
I got a lump in my throat cause
You’re gonna sing the words wrong
My husband, over and over, through and through. I’ve stopped cringing. He just gets the words wrong. We can safely say he’d never do a lyrics post.

And all I gotta do is sit around and wait
And all I gotta do is not anticipate
Ah Newton, if only it were that simple huh? Spent a lot of the year waiting for test results. It was never easy.

Now I’m looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Pretty much around the same time I was trying not to anticipate with Newton above.

But I’ve been living on the crumbs of your love
And I’m starving now
Yeah, there’s this one. Its a bit sucky. #thatisall.

You say you’re heart is on your sleeve
You say you’re sometimes sentimental

Wanna know where it’s going, well I guess that depends
Meet me back at the start, back at the part where we know how it ends
It ends alright now, it ends alright
It ends alright
I discovered fink this year, and this song. LOVE! Also… If only we knew how the story ended huh? It would make this whole complicated part a lot easier.

And you’ve learned
It’s okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same
True this. Go down a road, experience, grow older, maybe wiser. Work out that it will never be the same again.

But we were younger then,
And now we’re not
And if there was a plan made
Then we forgot about it
A complicated year, reveals some complicated lyric choices. I say stuff the plans. Figuring this out without the plans now.

For you I have so many words
But I, I forget where we were
Look, a squirrel!

Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
I’ve lost myself again and I feel unsafe

Just living off your air
Every breath is all about you
I’m spinning all the worlds around
To try and rearrange them
I work so hard to say goodnight
But there’s too much of you left behind
This song. Discovered on twitter, listened to on repeat for the rest of the year. Only for his voice. Nothing else.

I say, “Love, love don’t mean nothing
Unless there’s something worth fighting for.”
It’s a beautiful war
You see, its all about fighting for it!

I still owe money to the money to the money I owe
I never thought about love when I thought about home
I just like that I know the words to this song. And this part. And also the part about taking it too far. *never done that before*

And well, I don’t want you anymore
So take the money and run to your man
I quit givin’ a fuck
No comment. **Angry Kim this day**

And I drink a little more than recommended
This world ain’t exactly what my heart expected
Because its true. The plans have gone to pot and I probably do drink a little too much.

All masks and kisses from the balcony
It’s deeper than that bro, it’s a fuckin’ tragedy
Because… Romeo & Juliet love is the best kind! But also the type that just ends badly. But still.. Shakespeare!