Tour of Italy (‘s varietals)

A little while ago (and I can’t even recall how long as my weeks seem to steam roll into each other) Mark and I went to the Tour of Italy held annually at Societi Bistro. Last year’s was blogged about here (I was going to.. but eh..), and was tweeted about at overcapacity especially as we stayed well into the night (yep last to leave), ordering re-invented meals of the samples we had tried during the day (the boerewors spaghetti combined with that gentle chilli that Stefan does so well).

After a quick show of hands (ok tweets), I realised this year was going to be slightly different (and no doubt less raucous) as the usual suspects didn’t appear to be attending. Maybe a good thing so that this year I could actually make our evening’s plans.

A stunning winter’s afternoon in the Mother City and at my favourite spot beneath the mountain, we sipped our De Grendel Pinot Gris‘s (the  first of many italian varitals made locally) and soaked up some sunshine as other’s mingled and chatted.

Winter sunshine and a Pinot Grigio

Bite sized (well, bite size for a large mouth) portions of some of the incredible dishes that would be on offer in the coming weeks (until 24 July) flowed out of the kitchen and filled us all with taste sensations that we’re so used to having at Societi. Starting with the most amazing bruschetta topped with Caponata (an aubergine based deliciousness that promises to make me into a superstar at my next dinner party).

Ofcourse hands down the favourite in our corner was the flame-grilled T-bone dripping in olive oil, course salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Who would have thought something so simple would bring such joy. Ofcourse I know if I tried to recreate the dish, it would more than likely just flop. That’s why I’d rather just pop in to Societi next week (Region 7: Tuscany & Liguiria – Wed 27 June to Tue 3 July) and let the master make it for me instead.

That would be the master

As always, Societi Bistro partnered with some incredible wine farms to bring us possibly some of the nicest wines I’ve tried in a while. Talk about arm chair travelling – love being able to taste wines without having to drive out to the farms. It’s genius.

Locked into conversation (more about who’s who, website builds and marketing) with Andrew from Anthonij Rupert Wines, he talked us through some of them of which the Terra Del Capo Sangiovese was my favourite, although by this point I was still not 100% sold on Italian wines (to be fair even in Italy I wasn’t a big fan).

Also never a huge fan of Nederberg (without any real grounds in honesty other than either a combination of too many Baronne as a youngster or the fact that I ‘apparently’ prefer a small wine farm), David Wibberley encouraged me to try the Nederburg Ingenuity. An Italian Red blend, and quite simply – a little bit of heaven in a glass. It was the nicest thing I had tried in a while. Well, until I tried the Steenberg Nebbiola. Suprised (pleasantly ofcourse) by this incredible wine that I hadn’t actually even heard of, I tried it again. And then I tried it again. And again.

Nederburg Ingenuity
Steenberg Nebbiola
Tour through wine?

Here’s the Tour of Italy’s itinerary that includes some of the food that really was on the table (they didn’t just serve us wine!)

I can safely say that I still don’t like Pinot Grigio (I tried, I can’t) but that if you fancy buying me a present, I will gladly accept the Steenberg Nebbiola.

My gorgeous husband enjoying the wine too!